High Protein Whole Wheat Bread

In my enthusiasm for spring I overdid the outside work of pulling grape vines and fallen branches out of trees and tall bushes.  As a result, my back let me know that I needed to be more careful.  Apparently, I pulled something and have been unable to twist or turn my upper body.  Good news however, I discovered that hot packs really do work.  So, today I baked!

Still intrigued with the soaking process in Nourishing Traditions, I decided to essentially follow the Yeasted Buttermilk Bread  recipe.  Although I still used blue agave in place of honey, basically, the changes I made this time centered around adding protein to the bread.  To do that, I used a combination of soy and garbanzo bean flours in place of the one cup of unbleached white flour called for in the recipe.  The soy flour is Hodgson Mill’s organic whole grain soy flour and the garbanzo bean flour is from Bob’s Red Mill.  I found the latter at my local health food store, River City Nutrition, in Kirkwood, Missouri.

Ron wanted more crust on the bread this time, so I baked the two loaves in a boule shape – round on a flat baking sheet.  Last week I used a loaf pan and the bread (as you can see in the pictures posted last week) was perfect for sandwiches.  We had lots of crust this week – the dough spread out on the sheet and the final loaves were no more than an inch or so high.


High Protein Bread

High Protein Bread

Both the soy and garbanzo bean flours have little discernable taste, so the bread simply tasted like a good whole wheat bread.  The texture was more hardy than last week’s bread, when I added Emmer and mesquite flours.

This week’s protein content was:

—  The ¾ cup of soy added 27 grams of protein to the two loaves;

—  the ¼ cup of garbanzo bean flour added another 6 grams;

—  the 4 cups of Hodgson Mill whole wheat flour added 3 grams per ¼ cup of flour or 48 grams total for the two loaves.

These total 81 grams or 40.5 grams of protein per loaf of bread.  Not bad for the protein oriented in your family.

Last week’s whole wheat bread with Emmer and mesquite were:

—  The ¾ cup of Emmer flour added 18 grams of protein to the two loaves;

—  the whole wheat added 48 grams total for the two loaves;

—  I don’t know what the mesquite added – the protein content wasn’t given on the package.

That totals at least 66 grams of protein or 33 grams per loaf of bread.  Also, not bad.  The Emmer flour has significantly more protein content than the whole wheat flour, so this is also a good bread for those who want a higher protein content in their breads.

Tell us your stories about what you want in your breads and what you have tried so far.  Love to hear from you.  Whatever your results!

[Note: The cup has a collection of birds from the wildlife photographer, Jim Rathert.]


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