Lemon Bars with Spelt Flour

I made Lemon Bars based on a recipe in Baking by James Peterson (page274).  The only change I made is that I used spelt flour instead of all-purpose and cake flour.  The crust turned out pretty well and was tasty.  It was a bit crumbly, but I think that’s the way lemon bar crusts are anyway.

Lemon Bars with Spelt Flour

Lemon Bars with Spelt Flour

Note: In making the lemon curd James Peterson uses a brown butter.  I used regular butter and because it has a higher moisture content than brown butter, the cooking process for making the lemon curd took about 3 times as long as the book suggests.  That gives the curd time to cook out the excess moisture and firm up.

Results: This is a delightfully tangy lemon bar.  Perfect for these warming months.


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