Walnut Boule with Stoneground Wheat Flour

I am in New York and found a beautiful walnut boule with stone ground wheat flour – NO white bread – at the delightful restaurant/bakery Le Pain Quotidien in Manhattan.  I ate it with butter only and found it to be everything we could have asked for: chewy, hearty, with full flavor.  The bakery is not far from the Strand, a large book store with both used and new books, making it easy for me to do double duty on an extended shopping trip.

The bakery also carries what I think is a whole grain (that is, no white flour) spelt bread and various rye and sourdough breads.  This makes me wonder, if I lived close to such a bakery, would I ever bake bread?  Perhaps, since I still like adding other interesting flours to increase the protein content and such, I would – although not every week.  Lucky are those New Yorkers who live within metro distance!

Have you found such bakeries near you?  If so, what breads do they produce that you most like and why?  Also, what can’t you find and therefore you feel pushed to bake other intriguing breads on your own?


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