A Spanish Country Bread with whole wheat, barley, and corn

This week I wanted to try another recipe from The Bread Bible by Ingram and Shapter: Pan de Cebada (page 187), which the authors describe as a Spanish country bread made with whole wheat, corn meal, and barley flour.

Since there was no white flour in this recipe, I didn’t make any changes.  This proved to be a complicated, somewhat time consuming recipe, but I wanted to try barley flour, so I decided to try it.  Also, I am always intrigued by the words “country bread,” so how could I not bake the Pan de Cebada?

As the picture below shows, this is a crusty bread.  One of its best features.  This bread has a nice chewy interior with a crunchy crust.  The flavor is strong and quite unique.


A Spanish Country Bread

A Spanish Country Bread

I’m glad I tried making this bread, but quite frankly, with so many wonderful breads out there that require less time and are less complicated, I don’t think I’ll be making this one again.

If you’re trying to move your family from white bread to more whole grain breads, I wouldn’t start with this one.  Either the Grant Loaves (note my blog on April 24, 2011) or even the Polish Rye Bread (my blog on April 17, 2011) would be better.  While I made both of the Grant and Polish Rye using only whole grain flours, they have familiar flavors for the person in transition.

Good Baking!

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