Buying Local

Well, I ordered more emmer flour (I thought!) through the mail, but yesterday I received a 5 pound bag of emmer seeds, which I apparently ordered inadvertently.  And that’s okay for people who grind their own flour, but this is another step I’m not ready for yet.  So, into the freezer it goes.

However, this experience has given me pause.  Ordering flour through the mail is quite expensive – especially when you add in the postage fee – so I think I’ll try to use flours that I can find locally instead.  At least for a while because 1) it’s good for the local economy, 2) you’re not likely to make a mistake such as I did (that is, buying seeds instead of flour), and 3) if you do, it doesn’t cost that much to rectify. 

The down side is that there is a more limited variety of flours available.  Nevertheless, there are still many to try, so that’s okay.

So frustrating and I can’t even blame anyone else, only me!

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