A Simple 100% Whole Wheat Bread

I mentioned in the past that a major motivator for my baking with whole grains is that I have a diabetic family member.  As anyone who is diabetic knows, simple, refined carbohydrates are discouraged.  Complex carbohydrates and foods with a low glycemic index are encouraged.  This is the reason I am baking breads using only whole grains, which in themselves may not be perfect foods, either.  However, for an avid bread eater, who is also diabetic, these whole grain breads and breads with alternative flours (such as mesquite) are a definite, possible alternative to breads using refined, white flour.

So, if you are dealing with the same situation or, actually, anyone who would like to share their whole grain bread recipes or give suggestions on cook books using whole grain flours, etc., I’d love to hear from you and learn about the breads you enjoy.

This week I made three loaves of an incredibly easy 100% whole wheat bread, Grant Loaves from Christine Ingram and Jennie Shapter’s book, The Bread Bible (p 131).  This recipe almost looked too easy to be real – no kneading and a very short rising time – so I had to try it.

Basically, I followed the recipe – with one exception.  I didn’t have wholemeal bread flour, so I used my whole wheat flour with a bit of gluten flour (1/3 cup) replacing 1/3cup of the whole wheat flour.   Since the recipe made 3 loaves, I froze two.  As you can see from the picture of the breads below, one loaf didn’t make it intact until I was able to take the picture for this blog!


100% Whole Wheat Flour Bread

100% Whole Wheat Flour Bread

This is definitely another winner.  In spite of not needing any kneading 🙂 and rising only for 30 minutes, the bread is not very heavy and has that yummy whole wheat flavor and texture.   Plus, another advantage of making so many loaves is that you can share one with a friend and still have plenty for yourself.

If you have been thinking of trying to bake bread, try this recipe.  It couldn’t be simpler and you’ll be proud of your first bread making endeavor.


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2 Responses to A Simple 100% Whole Wheat Bread

  1. Yvette J says:

    My hubby is a diabetic.

    I have been trying to make wholemael braed using the bread machine but it turned out hard as a rock.

    I would appreciate if you could share with me a simple wholemeal bread recipe ( manually done)


  2. Pamela says:

    Yvette – Did you figure out how to copy these recipes? If you put your cursor on the screen & press print you should be able to copy them.

    Good luck!

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