Whole Grain European Breads

When I think of whole grain breads, I tend to think of Germany and the breads we’ve enjoyed there.  When I think of French, English and Italian breads, I think of white flour breads.  I don’t have personal experience, but I understand Eastern European countries tend more toward whole grain breads.  However, in spite of my limited knowledge, I am guessing every country has a special whole grain bread as a part of their baking tradition.

 Therefore this week, rather than having a baking project to share, I have a question concerning traditional whole grain breads in Europe and your knowledge or experience with them.

Do you know of a whole grain bread that is considered a traditional bread from Europe?  If you do, could you either share your recipe or let us know what book or Internet site we can go to in order to learn more about the bread and to try it out?  Also, is this a bread you connect with personally?  One you make for or with your family as a way of carrying on or creating a family tradition?

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